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Clan Information

The family of "Maclachlan of Maclachlan"  have been Chiefs of Clan Lachlan for about 750 years The Chief still refers to himself as Chief of Clan Lachlan which is the anglicization of the Gaelic Clann Lachlainn. The use of the term Clan MacLachlan arose after the anglicization of Gaelic names by non Gaelic speaking people. People were called MacLachlan and belonged to a clan so manufacturers  assumed that they belonged to the  Clan MacLachlan . The mighty MacDonalds did not follow this commercial trend. They correctly use  Clan Donald for their clan society. When the Clan MacLachlan Society was founded in 1979 , many particularly those with some Gaelic pressed for the more correct usage Clan Lachlan. Their views did not prevail but it was decided that the main communication vehicle of the Society be called clan lachlan !; the castle has been  castle lachlan for 750 years; the CD was called clan lachlan CD; the Trust formed to preserve Kilmorie Chapel and old castle lachlan was called Lachlan Trust

When in Canada we obtained  a federal charter as a not for profit corporation, we decided to stay in the main stream of the history of the clan and became the Clan Lachlan Association of Canada.


The Clan MacLachlan Society was founded in 1979, some years after the Clan MacLachlan Association of North America was formed This is a Clan  Society with the President being the Chief of  Clan Lachlan. It is a Celtic & Scottish Highland -based organization with autonomous units across the globe held together by a common Constitution, common objectives and a core of common services. Emphasis is placed on the "home" of the Clan being in Argyll, Scotland with the Chief as head and Scotland's Highland traditions paramount.

A frequently asked question is, "Are Irish McLaughlins eligible for membership in a Scottish Highland Clan Society? " The short answer is "yes." First for the majority of members it is difficult to trace their ancestry before the middle of the 18th century and in many cases an apparent Irish McLaughlin , Laughlin etc could have Scottish ancestry but there is no recorded evidence in either case. There has been for centuries migration in both directions across the Irish Sea. Family tradition may be the most important evidence.

Secondly if we go back before the 13th century all MacLachlans have a common Irish Ancestry. We are all Celtic MacLochlainns, we all share a common Celtic heritage, we are all cousins by blood. Therefore a person bearing the name McLaughlin or one of its many variants whose recorded ancestry is entirely within the Irish branch of the MacLochlainns would be fully eligible for membership if they subscribe to the objectives of our Society.

Constitution : Objects

2.0 The objects of the Society shall be:

2.1 To further the spirit of kinship among Maclachlans and the septs of  Clan Lachlan throughout the world. 

2.2 To foster the Celtic and Highland Heritage of the Clan and to promote the interests of the Clan throughout the world,  

2.3 To collect and preserve records and traditions and material bearing on the Clan and Septs and their collective experience in different areas   of the world, 

2.4 To render assistance to deserving Clan Members,  

2.5 To encourage the publication of documents and articles connected with the Clan; to compile and update a history of the Clan and Septs and their collective experiences in different areas of the world, 

2.6 To ensure proper representation of the Clan, 

2.7 To raise funds for Lachlan Trust projects which are directly related to the heritage of the Clan. 

The Clan Society is based on individual membership. All members have each one vote which can be cast at an AGM. The recent approval of changes to the Constitution required a world wide vote of all members.
From the Constitution 6.3  Branch membership shall be open only to members of the Society. The Society expects its members to join a Branch in their country. However a member has the right to join any Branch or directly to the Membership Registrar of the Society in Scotland. 


Messages from Todd McGlauchlin, Secretary &Membership Registrar, Clan MacLachlan Society.
  •  The next AGM of the Society will be held at Strathlachlan on Friday June 20,  2014 at the Clan Gathering & Strathlachlan festival.



Clan Information. This section covers the origin of the clan; the clan history; the spelling of the name; the heraldic symbols; the tartans;  clan genealogical records; membership & the constitution; the clan lachlan magazine; the clan lachlan CD: contact information for the Branches of the Society.
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