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Lachlan Library Family History and Ancestors Data Base

The Lachlan Library contains information on about 1000 families with about 5000 clan members spread over about 5 generations; this grows each year with the addition of new members. An active program of obtaining family information from current US members could raise this to a total over 7,000 names. Information already collected on data cards by Tom M, the sennachie emeritus, could raise this to perhaps 70,000 names. To manage and display this extensive genealogy requires a web based system. The information would be stored in MySQL data base tables and dynamically displayed using PHP( a scripting language). We can handle hundreds of users without handling and storing thousands of “static” HTML pages. There is no practical limit to the number of users, number of members, or size of information per member in the data base.

There are a number of features of the data Base.

Security: Access is through the password protected Lachlan Library.

User Rights The Administrator can give to  users individual rights of editing, protect living/private etc.

Dynamic Charts. On demand obtain pedigree, descendant, relationships, time line, family groups etc. Charts can be exported in PDF format.

Media. Upload , store and link photos, family photos, videos, albums etc.

Simple and Advanced Search capability.

Cemeteries & Headstones.

GEDCOM input & output.

User Friendly Page printing.

Living” Family update. Family members can update and add to the Family history at any time with one transaction without the need to update multiple charts, reports etc..

Family History & Genealogy. This could be made a Lachlan Edition E Book and stored as an ISBN E Book in the Canada Archives and the National Library of Scotland. It can be on the data base for reference purposes and stored in the Lachlan Library.

Immediate program

1.0 The Library User Name and Password would be used to access the Data Base.

2.0 Integrate System into Library  and set up Tables & Conditions.

NOTE. During this setup, which may take several weeks, user passwords to access the Data Base would not be recognized.

3.0 Train volunteer  Branch coordinators to become familiar with the system and assist members who wish to develop their own Family Histories in the Library and Data Base.

4 .0 There is  an immediate  need for volunteers to  transfer  family & genealogy information from existing records into the searchable Data Base. 

Access for Library Members  See: Lachlan Library & Data Base Login

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