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Lachlan Library preserving our family History, Celtic & Scottish heritage.

Family Genealogy ---Heritage & History of Scotland

In about the last 20 years there has been an upsurge of interest in Family genealogy and Scottish history and heritage. In stark contrast many clan societies, have significantly  declined in  membership and  have failed  to attract younger generations. There are millions of Scottish descent whose ancestors emigrated in the last 250 years and many at some point in their lives will return to visit their ancestral roots. These Ancestral Tourists are considered to be a key factor in  the tourist industry and prosperity of today's Scotland.  I paraphrase some recent words of Torquil Ian Campbell, the 28th MacCailen Mor and the 13th Duke of Argyll. We in Scotland need to encourage worldwide members of our clan to be proud of their history and heritage if the ideas of clanship are going to be relevant to younger people in today’s society.

To become  proud of your Heritage & History, first you must have easy access to information about the history of your ancestors and the world in which they lived. There has been an irreversible change with the digitization of the libraries of the world. Formerly one could only access information through the reading rooms of major libraries, make notes, obtain copies of individual pages etc. Now  through Google Books and the Gutenberg Project it is possible to download the full text of over one million books published before about 1925; it is simple to copyright your research,  share with others and  preserve  for future generations.

Our Common Heritage.
  We are trying to build a resource center to cover  our broad  Celtic, Irish and Scottish heritage. We welcome  texts on the experiences of all the Highland Clans. We welcome texts on the broad  pioneer experiences which our ancestors shared with other groups and nationalities; we welcome texts of personal & family memoirs; family histories & genealogy research; stories & poetry; travel experiences: we welcome texts on the social structure, literature, religion, dance, piping and song of Highland ancestors and the experiences of their migration from the Highlands and in many cases emigration overseas.

We will continue to seek the participation of members in building up this collective library. A little bit of effort from many could work wonders in publishing Lachlan Editions E books.. This will be a continuing effort  through the years. If you wish to see how you could help use the CONTACT facility in the Library and connect to the Publisher. We will strive to make  this a "living heritage" to which each generation could make a contribution.


Outline of Lachlan Library

The library could be considered as being in six sections.

E Books: taken from the libraries of the world through sources such as Google Books and the Gutenberg Project; these are out of copyright and date from 1750 to 1925. This area is starting with about 150 books mainly classics in Celtic and Scottish history. This area of the Library is programmed to increase  rapidly. We plan to include all available Scottish literature and books of general interest from the period; we will include relevant literature from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USA. These books are in both Epub ( the general publishing standard) and Mobi(for the Amazon Kindle).; others are in PDF

Clan History: At present there are about 120 separate E Books covering Clan Lachlan history, legends, traditions and family stories. They include many items of general interest. We have a program to add Histories of other Clans.

Family Records-- Lachlan Editions:
If the holder of a Lachlan Library Card (User ID & Password), supplies text in say Word , we would convert the text into an E Book and publish as a Lachlan Edition in the Library. Instead of a paper copy or computer file bequeathed to some family member, you would be assigned an ISBN number, retain full copyright and have an E book published and available for future generations.  Members can have multiple Family Records covering the important families in their family genealogy. We would encourage Members to produce E Books for Family memoirs, stories, experiences etc. Making a modest charitable donation could preserve your own family history in a permanent form.

Future Development. Library Data Base. (Scheduled for early 2014) In the Library there are 5,000 names collected over  30 years in Your Family History ; from existing records this could reach over 70,000 names. To make this searchable a web based PHP/MySQL data base is planned. This provides many facilities for members to produce their family history with photos, videos, memoirs etc.

Future Development. Lachlan Editions( Commercial): We plan a Product Section which contains E Books which are selling a product. This may be a Bed & Breakfast; Craft shop, Gallery etc; sources of Celtic, Irish and Scottish products, If the holder of a Lachlan Library Card desires such a commercial E Book listing, we would offer this for an additional cost of $25.00 for a basic E Book. We have the facility of accepting payment by Credit Card, PayPal or cheque for Products. We would decide on a case by case basis. Lachlan Library preserving our heritage.

Future Development.  Publish & sale of selected  Lachlan Editions. Once you have developed an E Book, it generates income for all time and the Library has most of the facilities in place.

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Clan Information Lachlan Library  LibraryDatabase "save old castle lachlan



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