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 The clan lachlan CD

The CD could only be obtained by a donation to the Lachlan Trust of Canada or the Lachlan Trust. Any contribution of US$35.00 or more to the benefit of the Lachlan Trust would entitle the donor or Gift Recipient to a CD. From its inception in 2001, purchase of the CD has been a fund raiser first for Kilmorie Chapel and now for the old castle lachlan project. The updated CDs each have separate disc labels featuring Clan scenes.  One of the major objectives of the Clan Society is "to preserve for all time the records and traditions of the clan and to update these on a continuing basis through the years." and for members is "to collect and preserve records and traditions and material bearing on the Clan and Septs and their collective experience in different parts of the world."

The CD captures and preserves these records in digital form which means that the records can be printed out for a "paper" copy at any time and are preserved accurately and economically in indestructible media for all time. The updated edition of the CD is stored in the collection of National Library of Scotland for a permanent record of the clan.

Descriptions of CD

The clan lachlan CD is in the form of a library of E books. All information on the CD has been encoded as PDF files. This is the world wide standard for exchanging scientific, engineering and business information..The CDs includes complete issues of the "clan lachlan" from 1998. Articles from over 27 years issues of the clan lachlan are included. There are articles on our Celtic and Scottish heritage. There is a gallery of Photos of the Clan. There is a collection of prints paintings and photographs showing Scotland's History through the ages. There is a collection of historical papers relating to the MacLachlans in Scotland. There are also records and articles reflecting the collective experience of the Clan in Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand & the USA. Extensive genealogical records include: the Families of Scotland from the work of the Sennachie; the Family Histories of members; the Story of our Family from members; detailed genealogical records for Scottish parishes collected over thirty years by the Sennachie and members.

Updating : each year we add two complete issues of the magazine, clan lachlan; any genealogical research or Story of our Family added by new and existing members; new articles published on our Celtic and Scottish heritage

Major Change

In 2011 we realized that the volume of E books now available from the major libraries of the world and the explosion in the availability of E books required a major change in our storage and preservation of historical and genealogy information.  Duncan MacLachlan(41), the creator and publisher of the clanlachlan CD, created the Lachlan Library. It includes all the information previously on the CD and over 130 E Books from the major libraries of the world. Through Lachlan Editions.members can have their family histories preserved in their own E Books which are available for future generations.

 Each year the complete contents of the Lachlan Library will be recorded on a DVD and filed in the National Library of Scotland.

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