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euan Maclachlan of Maclachlan,                       Painting of Old castle lachlan

   25th chief of clan lachlan                                   by Robert Innes


For over 700 years the Clan Lachlan has been a Scottish Highland clan. If the concepts of clanship are  going to be relevant to younger people in today's society and to future generations  we need to encourage worldwide members of our clan to know and be proud of their history and heritage. The constitution of the Clan Society entails an obligation to preserve the "worldwide Records of MacLachlans" and to preserve physical icons such as "old castle lachlan" and Kilmorie Chapel, the burial place of the Chiefs.  
"Old castle lachlan"
takes us back to the days of the Kingdoms of the Gael where in Ireland, Western Scotland and the Isles our ancestors lived by the two thousand year old clan values and communal culture of the Celts.
For this generation the goal of the Save Old Castle Lachlan Fund is to preserve old castle lachlan as an ancient Scottish structure of national importance and to preserve the history and heritage of the clan. This is part of the larger vision of preserving the heritage of a clan and developing the Strathlachlan area in Argyll as an "ancestral tourist" destination while respecting its natural beauty and historic importance.
A project of this size will require to raise major funding of  say 1.5 million.

Funding of
650,000 has been raised mainly from the Heritage Lottery Fund and Historic Scotland with support from members of the Clan Society through the Lachlan Trust charities registered in Scotland and Canada. This Phase 1.0 has stabilized the walls of the old castle which were in danger of collapse. This represents about one third of the work to preserve the entire castle.

To secure future funding of say
700,000 for Phase 2.0  an important factor is that we continue over the years to demonstrate  strong interest and  financial support from the descendants of emigrant Scots.
An annual modest charitable donation to the Lachlan Trust of Canada brings  Lachlan Library Membership. This membership program funds  the preservation of "old castle lachlan", the preservation of "clan records"and provides the fellowship of international membership in the Clan Society for present and future generations.
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Lachlan Library membership
is a "promotional gift" from the Save Old Castle Lachlan Fund to annual donors of $25.00 or more to the Lachlan Trust of Canada. This Library Membership  brings membership in the worldwide Clan Society and in  the Clan Lachlan Association of Canada or any other Branch which joins  this program. (Donations must be sent via Lachlan Trust of Canada as the current charter of the Lachlan Trust of Scotland does not permit "promotional "gifts.)

Lachlan Library membership  gives access to a growing library with over 250 E Books on the Heritage and History of Scotland and on Clan Lachlan history & family genealogy for some 1000 members. It gives access to a Family History & Ancestors Data Base.
books have revolutionized the preservation of family genealogy information. Instead of a paper copy bequeathed to some family member, you could have your family story, genealogy, pioneer experience, memoirs of a family ancestor or  wartime experiences etc  published by the Lachlan Library as ISBN registered E Books and filed in the Library & Archives of Canada and in the National Library of Scotland.Your extended family and descendants can add to your family history.
Support the Clan and bequeath a permanent, growing and living legacy to your descendants.

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